Responsive Dynamic Lists

I’m trying to display 5 items to a dynamic list and it just does not end up styling well. I have to either use 2 dynamic lists with filters which make it tricky to manage over time as data grows.It would be ideal if I could chose 5 columns :expressionless:

We are missing something like this neat box

I would be so happy if I could select how many columns with a number range picker…

It would be nice to be able to change columns for responsive modes in a dynamic list too.

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If you set your dynamic list to full width, give the dynamic item a class, then change the width of each dynamic to 20% width, no margin left or right, that will give you 5 columns across.

Then I’d recommend changing it to 100% width at landscape and below. :slight_smile: I need to double check, you may need to set the class to float left but believe it automatically does that for you. :smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions. :smile:

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Thanks Waldo! This worked perfectly. My original idea still stands though as an improvement :smiley:

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