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Concerned at my Pingdom speed test results

Hello all hope you’re good,

I’ve put one of my landing pages through pingdom speed test and I’m a bit concerned about the results, the loading speed is just over 2 seconds, but more importantly the JS Script is 2.0mb which seems very high.

Also got a load of other F’s there.

I’ll add a screenshot, does anybody know how I can get it down a bit? Maybe how to resolve the others too?

Thanks all,

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You are loading more than the JavaScript in a base build. So consider not doing so if you can. Looks like you can reduce your don’t usage as well as probably further optimizing your images. Performance is about the choice you make on things you can control. Good luck.

“You are loading more than the JavaScript in a base build.”

Sorry Jeff but I have no idea what this means, would you mind clarifying?

Since you have not shared a published URL that can be inspected I cannot.

Excellent point thanks! Webflow - ProtoCool

That would mean this

So looking at this page we can see that you have chosen to include lots of additional scripts that are adding significant weight to the page and load time. Every time you add widgets, or custom code you can impact page load. When looking for performance gains you need to weigh the impact to the users experience. If I was consulting with you we would review these feature by feature and then make decisions to remove some and mitigate others. You have to understand code and web performance fundamentals to make decisions. Google is penalizing sites for bad ones now.

Example; Google maps are cool but are a huge impact on performance and are not frequently used by visitors. Alternately one could use a static image of a map (open source) that links to a page that has a dynamic map for those that need it.

You should either research this for DIY or hire a professional.

Thanks for the explanation.

The custom code is quite important and is there because it integrates directly with our CRM, but I will explore reducing it.

Very good to know for the future.