Component as a collection item?

Is it possible that collection item be a predefine component inside webflow?

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Predefined component… do you mean an aggregation of HTML, CSS & script that gets embedded in the page as a functioning piece of UI?

You could, but I’m having difficulty imagining a use case for that.

One option is to pay for pro ( it’s cheap ) and then store the URLs for your codepen “component” pens in a collection. Then, you simply embed the scripts accordingly by appending .js, and .css to the codepen URL.

For the .html one, you’d need to use script to retrieve it and then extract the /body content for embedding in your page.

Another possibility is to use HTML embeds inside of a rich text element in your collection, but there you cannot test your work easily and it can only render in the body, so you’ll need additional scripts to position things properly for your situation.

Hi, thanks for reply.

The case here. Let’s say you have a multiple pages where you list your collection items.

Let’s I have News and Blog pages, showing list of 10 articles. I have article item defined as a component. So each article item and post item on those pages are instances of 1 main component.

I am curios to know is there a way to connect cms collection property with the element property within component definition?