Complex Booking System

Hey Webflow Community,

I need to integrate a relatively complex booking system for a client who provides 3 different activities within their service (bowling, cooking, general location hire).

There are different variables between each activity that affect the booking times and price, such as, amount of people, which combination of activities, and time slots. After trying tools such as CozyCal and Calendly I feel that this requires more depth than what they can provide.

Can someone please advise if there is such a tool out there that can be customised in a complex way, or does something like this need to be custom built?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Chris,

i haven’t seen any tools that allow dynamic pricing and scheduling in combination. You might look at tour company booking systems and event planner booking systems, which would have that combination of needs.

If you build it custom, you can probably build a rough version of it as follows-

  • Collect the booking details - activity type, number of people, contact info, etc. Build this as a dynamic custom calculator on your site. that will help them achieve the pricing and options selection.

  • Save that order somewhere like Airtable via automations, so it’s safe.

  • Then, get the exact time slot, using a tool like calendly if you need to automate this. Otherwise ask for a preferred date, your client follows up manually to work out details.

  • Update that save order with the confirmed booking date.

  • Then, collect payment. Can be manual, or through a system that allows dynamic pricing like Paypal.

  • Update the order with payment confirmation.

When I build systems like these I usually use JSON to store the order structure so that it’s flexible The calculator works on that to do pricing. And payment I typically do through Paypal or Windcave, since both support payment pages with arbitrary amounts.

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Hi @Chris_M.
Josh with Foxy here. Face value, what you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

You should be able to manage services, activities, bookings, etc. with Webflow CMS. Custom code will be needed for some of the logic. In addition, you’ll need Make or Zapier and a more robust date/time picker like Mobiscroll.

We’ve helped other Webflow users with somewhat similar needs via our Accelerate Program: Here’s a live yacht rental/booking example (Foxy + Webflow):

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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Thanks for the tips all. For ease of things for my client and I, I just went with Bookeo. Does the trick, and more!

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