Convert PSD design to Webflow


I have a PSD design. Here is a preview.
I want it to be converted to Webflow. If interested, can you send me a private message with a quote?

Thank you!

Thank you for the replies. It turns out that it’s more expensive to do it with webflow (with a factor ranging from 2.5 -> 5x).
I will go with plain HTML + CSS.

Hello there @cristian607! :)

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found anyone for this project yet. I just wanted to clarify one thing. Webflow creates pure html and css code in the end. There is no Wordpress or Joomla behind it, but very pure code instead :)

I’m shocked that prices were 2.5 - 50 times more expensive that you have expected. Would you mind sharing your budget for this website?