Community Challenge #3

Topic: Your favorite dish/recipe
Due date: October 20, 2015

Design a single-page site for your favorite recipe or dish. Get creative with this one. Try to make your fellow community members hungry with your design. Why? Because this time, we’ll let other community members rate your design as well. :smile:

Note: Do not post your design in this thread. PM the read-only link to a Community Expert.

Check out this post to learn the rules, how to enter and what awards you can win.

You can find the profiles of the community experts here: @AlexN @Arthur @jaidenleach @PixelGeek @sabanna @StevenP @vincent @Waldo

Good luck and have fun! smiley


Wahoo! A new community challenge! Time to get to work. :smiley:


Oh this is an interesting one…
I might try something again. Cool idea!

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I’m actually to swamped to do this one, but I can’t wait to see what others come up with!

Have fun :smiley:

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Should we extend this deadline for another week due to the CMS launch?

I don’t know how much people are doing this one…but I finished mine almost…doing it inbetween projects.

I started it - half way finished it - got hungry…
but dropped it / kinda left it alone a few days ago.

Lots of work means - not much time to play.

I’ll extend the deadline :slight_smile: thanks guys.


Have these challenges stopped? On break? Or not enough participants?

No. Yes. Yes.

We’ll be bringing back the challenges soon. :slight_smile:


Great cant wait :smile: