Community Challenge #2

Band Logo:

Album Cover:

Topic: Fake Band Page
Due date: September 21, 2015

Design a single-page site for a fake band named “MORE”. You must use the logo and album cover above.

Note: Do not post your design in this thread. PM the read-only link to a Community Expert.

Check out this post to learn the rules, how to enter and what awards you can win.

You can find the profiles of the community experts here: @AlexN @Arthur @jaidenleach @PixelGeek @sabanna @StevenP @vincent

Good luck and have fun! :smiley:

Thanks to @Arthur for creating the logo and album cover assets :wink:


@maximus @AlanBorger @Waldo_Broodryk @Matt_g @MinewireNetwork expecting great things! :wink:


Thanks! As for the rule about Custom Code, is embedded code allowed? It might be a silly question, but I’d just like to know.

@MinewireNetwork afraid not :wink: don’t worry though, webflow is awesome enough to build pretty much anything you could imagine :slight_smile:

Great, I appreciate it! :smiley:

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already got some good entries for this one.

Remember, even if you’re a beginner, you can still join in the fun! :smiley:


Could I have a white version of the logo? One of the few things that I’m missing.

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@Arthur Can you provide this?

thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll get to it next week haha. So swamped this week, on a trip conducting a usability study for two big sites and working all weekend. I’ll have some free time next week to play around :smile: @Arthur

Just clarifying, the requirements are just that we use the above creative but we can use anything outside of that as well when it comes to graphics right? :slight_smile:

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@MinewireNetwork: (the image is below it’s just white ;))

@Waldo_Broodryk no problem :slight_smile: Community challenges are for fun! Also yeah you can use anything outside of those as well :smile:


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Thank you @Arthur! I’m a bit busy too, but I’ll probably do my standard 2 hour rotating of websites. :smiley:

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:slight_smile: Really excited to see what sites will be this time.

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@sabanna same! Super intense stuff…

Just giving everyone a heads up. Don’t forget to turn in your Challenge entry before Sep. 21st! :smile:


2 days left to turn in your entry for a free shirt and Webflow credits! :smiley:

Get on it!

2 days ? not sure what I can do in 2 day :frowning:

Do what you can. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the best creativity happens when your back is against the wall.

Kind of like a hack-a-thon :wink:

so basically
1 page - no jquery - must use provided images - due 9/21.

don’t expect much - if I can even get something out by then.

will see.


For some reason this inspired me to do the MORE site when there were 2 days left. Originally, I was like “I’m too busy.” Thanks! :smiley:

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I’m totally out of it!
But I really want to see your results :smile:
Let’s go guys!

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