Community Challenge #2 Winners

Thanks to all the participants who decided to challenge themselves to create something awesome. :smile:

Here are this week’s entries:

Advanced group:




Beginner group:

@Timsig (the only participant in this category. Winner by default)


And the winner is…

Second place - @Revolution
First place - @rowan

Congratulations!!! :smiley:


We’ll be announcing the third challenge this afternoon. If you want to win some Webflow credits, join in the fun and challenge yourself to create awesome things!


@rowan, @Anna_Kelian, @Revolution, all great sites ! It will be a hard choice this week !

@Timsig, congratulations and also nice site :smile:

Everyone did well, there are no losers here in this group !


wait. There’s was a competition ?

Congrats @Timsig ! :smile: nice job

Good luck to to all.

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These were great, nice job everyone. Can’t wait for the music player features to come to Webflow :wink:

I am so confused @PixelGeek. I submitted my site to @Arthur, but it’s not even listed as being submitted into the contest.

I have proof of when I sent it if you need it. :wink:

Congratulations, though.

sorry about that! I’ll ask him what happened.

Thank you, it was for the Advanced group, if that’s necessary.

Way to go @rowan @revolution @Anna_Kelian & @Timsig :slight_smile: you all did great work!!! Hoping to see many more entries from you all and the community in the future contests to come :slight_smile: #WebflowFTW #MadeInWebflow :slight_smile:

You all rock!



I really like these challenges. Keeps your ideas Fresh :smile: - But truth is that I’m ‘mostly’ too busy with client projects. But maybe that shouldn’t be an excuse. Curious to learn more about the new challenge :smiley:


Thanks all for the encouraging words. Hoping to have time to have a crack at the next one.


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