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"Coming Soon" Pre-Launch Workflow

I’m wondering what the workflow is for having a coming soon page whilst you’re creating the full site. I have built only one other site in Webflow thus far and on several occasions I’ve had to publish elements to properly test them, which would overwrite any coming soon page that was there prior.

For this particular project I’d like a coming soon page up and running the entire time while I work on a full website. I’m just not sure what the proper way to do this in Webflow is. Do I create two projects? Is there a way to do this more officially in one project?

Any help is appreciated!

Hey @matt.lawrence

This is definitely possible in a single project. Make your “coming soon” page the homepage. There are a few ways to accomplish this based on your needs.

1) Then keep all other pages in “draft” mode. This will keep them from being published.

2) The other option is to use passwords. This would allow yourself and others to view the published pages without allowing any visitor to see them. The cool thing is that if you put a password on a folder it will automatically add the password and protect all pages within. Utilizing this could allow for granular access to parts of the build.

Of course you will want to customize the password utility page too.

A combination of draft pages and password protected pages should give you lots of flexibility.

3) A third option is to publish the “coming soon” site to your custom domain. From then on only publish to the free domain. Give it a “site” password and use the .io site as your test build. Just be careful each time you publish to not publish to the custom domain until you’re ready to launch.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Happy designing!


Hey thanks for the insight and info! I’ll give each of these options a try to see which I prefer.

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still very helpful. thank you.

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