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Is it possible to have a coming soon page without losing existing pages

I work on two sites for a customer that each revolve around an event he holds once a year. I want to put up a page that says something along the lines of “Thank you for coming out this year, see you next year” but not lose any of the pages and structure I created so that when we start filling it in for the following year, I don’t have to build certain pages from scratch. I don’t want to have to take down links, delete the navigation and footer, etc. I just want one maintenance page or coming soon page to have as a temporary home page until I bring it down. Sort of like Wordpress’ Maintenance Mode plug-ins.

Any page can become the default page for a site. Just switch which one is home.

This will help.

Perfect! I had not seen this before but this is exactly what I need. I’ll just make a new page and the other home page becomes Old Home. Thank you!