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Can I use a blog template on an existing website?

I have an existing website that I’ve built in Webflow. I’m looking to implement a blog and I’m wondering if I can use a blog template to implement a blog on this existing website? I can’t seem to figure out if this is possible. If so, how is this implemented?

Currently you are not able to copy items from one website in Webflow to another website in Webflow unless they are in the same project. To put the features into your current site you would have to rebuild it in the template or the template in your current site. Hope this helps! :grinning:

So you’re saying you cannot select a blog template and incorporate that into an existing website in anyway other than re-building it?

You can copy exactly what is in the blog all the settings and css they have as well as the html. But regarding just taking it from one site and dragging it or copying and pasting it [content] to another site is not yet possible in Webflow.

Thanks a lot for the insight Vlad

Yup, no problem. Glad to help! :yum:

Whats the easiest way to copy everything lol?

You can’t copy. :grinning: You just have to remake everything. Webflow doesn’t have that feature yet. :yum:

Dude, you just told me you could copy all the css, html, and everything???

@leewaltham Sorry, auto correct, its supposed to say can’t. On the bright side Webflow might add it soon. :relaxed:

@leewaltham Sorry about that. :kissing: