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Columns are off the screen when the view is small!

Hi Everyone!

I am using a Section > Container > Columns > Column1 & Column2 set up in order to have a sign-up button on the right and an unordered list of benefits on the left. This looks great at full size and even on smaller view port sizes but when I get to the smallest size my text on the left column (the unordered list) is not fitted to the screen and is actually off the left edge.

I cant seem to figure out what that is! Any help would be really appreciated!

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I had thought Margin / Padding could be the issue but for some reason the width of the column object seems to simply stretch farther than the container it is within. I’m having trouble tracking this problem down.

This is how columns work. They aren’t meant to span the width of smaller devices, they are meant to stack. This will put the left column on top of the right. The list looks fine to me now on all devices with the stacking.