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Columns will NOT fit INSIDE container. Help!


I start with a new page (body only)
I drag in a section object
I add a container object inside the section
I place a columns object into the container

It always spills outside the edges of the container.

one previous discussion on this (now closed) said you simply change the default -10 left & -10 right margin of the columns object settings

This has NO effect - the columns object stays the exact same width visually on-screen, still spilling outside the container by what looks to be 10px each side

It’s driving me nuts & making it impossible to build my page with all parts having the same correct width

anyone know an actual fix or if this is a Safari issue?


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@wolfie - can you post a read-only link? I’m sure what you’re experiencing is fixable, but my recommendation would be to use grid or flexbox columns rather than the built in container / columns components that Webflow provides. They are much more flexible (no pun intended) and can basically be customized to any need you have.

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thanks. i used the flex box and it’s ok now