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Column inside to another column broblem

I’m trying to work with a column of 50% - 50%
and inside it a 50% - 50%
{ } { }

Problem 1:
The column outside necessary to force the margin in -10px (class: “lines”).
The margin does not work if I use in another div outside the “Contain” from webflow.

Problem 2:
The column inside the padding disappears and there is no make it work at all.

Hi @lucaspchara, I have encountered this as well and is a pain in the butt if you are using a common class for columns (or abstraction). If you nest a div within the columns that are problematic you can reapply your column class or any margin to that div. Feels like a hack work around, but it works and neutralizes the weird inheritance bug. I built a class for the columns to fix the issue (zeroing values) and then applied the column class to my nested div. This is a good method to provide more control and rewrap options for device media queries.

I have encountered weird inheritance issues formatting objects in the slider as well. Nesting a div will give you back formatting control and seems to be the simplest method.