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2 column design / left column no content in it isn't pushing 2nd column

Hi everyone

issue = I have a 6/6 column and the first column doesn’t have any content in it. I’m trying to have it push the 2nd column so that it shows 50% of the width… thus allowing the 2nd column content to start visually where it sits in webflow.
Broken look shown here >

I just quickly hacked webflow b’c I didn’t want to upload a screenshot to my server…thought this may be faster >
Correct desired layout look > Here is the look inside webflow >

Do I need to insert a transparent.png to push it out? tHis was my old 2001 dreamweaver hack, but I’m sure there is a quicker way

I believe you can assign a class and attribute (50% width) to that first column and then it should react. I think that if you don’t assign a class or some attribute, it treats it as blank.

You could also create container with a div inside and float it right.

thanks Chunte21

to share what I learnt.

I dropped a “div block’ inside the container, created a class for it named 'buffer_01” then gave it the property of
width = 100% … BUT … it still didn’t push over the right column…so I then gave it a height of 300px and voila. It worked.

I know, a visual designer hack…but it worked :wink:

You can also have a block that is 50% width inside a container in which you will held all text. That’s simplier.