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@matthewpmunger. I’m stuck I am creating a small car dealership site. On the collections template page, I want to create a dynamic light box for the thumbnails I will be placing underneath the main image. Problem I am having is trying to reference my "galleries " collection to my “thumbnails” collection. Any help would be appreciated.

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At the moment, dynamic lightboxes aren’t supported yet. I’m assuming that’s why you’re running into this issue.
There is a custom option you can take a look at here Full CMS Lightbox!. Let us know if this wasn’t what you were looking for


Took a look at your project and I can tell you’ve been trying a lot of different options. The best thing might be to start a new collection from scratch. I suggest creating a collection called Photos or Images. This is where you will upload the images to be used in the “gallery” on each car page. Not sure why you also have a thumbnails collection. It shouldn’t be necessary.

Each photo can have additional fields as necessary. See other topic below for more in-depth explanation on how to create an image library using a collection. It also has a link to my clonable project sample.

Create a multi-reference field on the Cars Collection and link it to the new Images Collection. For each car you’ll select the related photos.

On the Car template page add a collection list elment and connect it to the multi-ref images collection.

Now you can start working on the lightbox. I recommend this trying this method.

Hope this helps get you going in the right direction. Happy designing and let me know if you have further questions. Cheers.

Thank you sir, the help is appreciated!

Thank you Sarah for letting me know that.

@matthewpmunger sorry to bug you again, I’m just trying to get it together. This something that confuses me. I have 20 cars that need to be connected with the images. So I create a “vehicle images” collection with 20 items and 6 image fields because that is the number of images I want under the main image on the collection template page.

When I add the “Vehicle Collection” to the template page it brings in the whole 20 items, but I only need 6. How would I fix this?

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It’s no bother @Urayus

Each collection item is only one image. So if you have 6 pictures of a car, that will be 6 collection items. Give each item a good descriptive name like “1969 Mustang - Front” so that when you’re adding it to the car collection item’s muli-ref field it will be obvious what the picture is.

Based on your numbers there will be 120 items in the image collection. Remember each only needs a name and a single image.

You can also add the images when creating the vehicle collection item by clicking the + button in the multi-ref field.
The order that you add images to the multi-ref field will be the order they display in the collection list on the vehicle template page.

Also I’d recommend that you use a single-reference field for the main image and connect it to the image collection. That way all dynamic photography is stored in the same place.

Does that make more sense?

Once again I appreciate this. It kind of does I understand the single reference. From what you just said It looks like I have the “vehicle images collection” right. When I add in the collection to the template page it shows up, and only 6 images show and I have 120 images in the collection, because I have it linked to the multi-ref - cool. But what happens when I click on another collection template page, The images stay the same on all the template pages even if I change the ref number on a different page.

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It looks correct to me. Right now each of the vehicle items has the same 4 images in the multi-ref. A, B, C, D

And on the vehicle template page I see the 4 images from the multi-ref.

When you adjust the items in the multi-ref it updates what is seen on the template page. You can move between the different collection items in the Designer by using this dropdown menu.

If this doesn’t match what you’re seeing, please upload some screenshots or a video so I can see what you see.

Ok, I was under the impression that the 4 images were being pulled from the “vehicle image 1” from A,B,C,D… and were to be placed on the “A” template page"vehicle image 2" from A,B,C,D… and were to be placed on the “B” template page and so on. I thought there would be a difference. So it would be best for me to have just one image field for 120 items?

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