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Collections Glitches

Is anyone noticing mysterious layout changes happening on their sites?

On one page in a collection list I had a set of lightbox thumbnails duplicate themselves for no apparent reason. The page had been fine and no one had touched it on the backend. Then one day last week all of a sudden it looked like there were two sets of lightboxs overlapping each other. In the designer I deleted the extra thumbnail from the collection item and the page went back to being fine.

Today I found a collection item has text missing from a rich text field that was there previously. And, I found a particular page’s formatting has mysteriously collapsed - https://www.sutherlandpresses.com/service

I would post more links but I have to fix this stuff right away for the client. But I’m wondering if anything strange is going on on the Webflow back end?



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Confirm this is happening with no extensions enabled in your browser. Providing details about your environment is helpful for debugging.

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Thank you for replying webdev. All of those issues are/were happening in all browsers and on multiple devices. I use chrome on a Mac for working in Webflow and Firefox + Safari for browser comparison. But these seem to be issues that would be caused by a glitch (an image duplicating itself when no one has touched the page as a editor) OR there’s someone in the company that’s been messing around with things and doesn’t want to come forward and admit that they screwed something up. Trying to sort through the possibilities…

Regarding editing, you may want to look at the backups and then you can see when versions were created. If those times don’t match your login / edits then you would have an idea if these changes are internal. I for one have never experienced something similar.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you!

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