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Collections - add a slider (since a lightbox doesn't seem available)?

I’m trying to make a blog that is photography based. As such it will have images and or videos that will vary from one post to another. I figured out I can add a “video” field and link to the collection that way when building out the collection pages. What about a slider, or lightbox?

I’ve read posts and lots of comments wanting the lightbox or gallery, but it appears no solution has come about. Is there a way to do this? Or a work around where I add a slider and somehow edit it so it does not affect the other pages? Maybe just add a multitude of image fields like 1-10 and not use all of them for posts with less images?

Maybe I’ll have to old school with my limited web development knowledge and just build individual post’s/pages?

There’s no dynamic sliders or lightboxes on Webflow, yet!

You can make your own CMS Lightbox with simple custom code like this example:

Using 1-10 image fields indeed can work as a workaround.