Collection wrapper not showing

Hi–Can anyone help me with the collection list wrapper? I have watched all the Webflow videos AND several tutorials on YT to try and figure this out but it is not working.

I am literally just trying to drag and drop the collection list wrapper onto my page as shown in the WF videos, however, there is no purple box showing up. I have already made a custom collection list and have been trying for hours to get it to work. Then I even started a new page (to ensure it was not some error with my template) and tried to do it with a team member template which was created by WF just to see if it will work and it is still not working.

Why is there no purple boxes??? The video I am watching on webflow say they are switching to a new UI and updating the videos, does that mean they are pointless to watch? Is anyone else having this issue? It seems relatively simple once the purple boxes are there but I cannot get the boxes to show up. It just shows up blank on my page but I can see it in the navigator.

My original goal was to have my events page working from a CMS list where I could enter in upcoming workshops and then have them organized on my events page. I would then like the ‘past events’ to rotate down towards the bottom of the page so my clients can see what my latest events were. When I checked the forum, it seems this is a pretty difficult thing to do and someone suggested to create 2 CMS collections, 1 for current future events and 1 for past events. Which is what I was trying to do but now I cannot even get ANY collection list to work properly.


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[2]: Share your site and invite collaborators - Webflow University Documentation

[1] is the purple box you’re looking for, and you already [2] have it bound to a collection.

Click [3] the navigator to see your page structure, so that you can create element inside of your collection list items.

Thank you for your response. Did they recently change the appearance of this box? It won’t let me drag anything into the nav bar under the collection list (images, text, headings, etc)

I have attached a screenshot from Webflow University, which is the same process that others are using on youtube videos that I watch. It has purple boxes that are visible. I am following the exact directions of the how-to videos and it is not working.

I have also attached 2 other photos from what it says when I try to drag a photo into the collection.

Link to view:Webflow - Mandala Breathwork

No, not that I’ve noticed.

Make certain you’re adding the items as children of the Collection List Item.
Usually I’d select that in the nav, then CTRL+K and create new element, or drag unbound elements in from another part of the nav.

You can contact Webflow if you want… I didn’t make the videos.
Here’s what I see when I open your page in the designer-

If you’re not seeing that, it’s most likely it’s the browser you’re using, a cache issue, a conflicting plugin like an ad blocker…

Ok!!! that is so helpful because you are seeing something which looks like the videos but I am not. So, I will try to clear my cache or your other recommendations. I am on a brand new computer so it is likely not the cache. Thank you so much for your tips!

I have the same issue. Any solutions?

I had exactly the same issue. Was driving me nuts.
I changed from Chrome on Macbook to Safari on Macbook and voila, I can see the collection list displayed exactly as in the training videos.

It sounds like you’re doing everything right, but the UI changes might be throwing you off. Sometimes, refreshing the browser or clearing the cache can help. Also, ensure that your collection list is correctly linked to your CMS.

I was having the same problem, I cleared my cache, and it worked.