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Collection Sorting Issues

I have a “Services” collection, in which most Services are sorted Alphabetically, but a few need to appear at the top. To do this I have a YES/NO Featured field.

Collection sorting is defined as follows;


Only two items, “Hedge trimming” and “Lawn mowing” are featured.

Landscaping WAS featured, but is now switched off.

For some reason, I’m seeing this sort order…


The 2 featured ones appear at the top, alphabetically.

Then “Landscaping” which was featured but is no longer featured, is out of order. Following this, are the rest of the Services in alpha as expected.

My suspicion as to the cause of the BUG is that you may be backing this with a relational database and initializing YES/NO fields to NULL instead of FALSE. If I’m right, if you look at the back-end DB, all Services would be Featured = NULL, except the two Featured ones = TRUE, and “Landscaping” = FALSE.

The visible sort order of “is On first”, in effect is TRUE items, then FALSE items, then NULL items.

Hi @memetican!

Thanks for reaching out, and this definitely seems like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide a preview link to your website for our team to test?


Hi Andrew,

I’ve cloned the site and reverted the sorting rules here for you,

Thanks @memetican!

I’ll be reaching out to the team and investigating this further.

I’ll keep you updated here!

Hi @memetican!

Thanks for reaching out, and I’ve also been able to reproduce the behavior in the cloned preview you sent AND a separate project of mine. It definitely seems like a bug, and I’ve reached out to our engineers because I think you are correct.

While we work on a solution, are you able to delete the “Landscaping” item and recreate it? If so, does it appear in alphabetical order as expected (thus, re-initialized with a NULL variable, in theory)?

Thanks Answer, yes, I was able to confirm it in both directions- Landscaping no longer has the problem (deleted and recreated) and Odd Jobs now does (after changing and saving as OFF-state).

Here’s a demonstration;

Thanks @memetican – I was also able to confirm it in both directions.

Our engineers are looking at this, and I’ll update this thread as soon as we have a fix!

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