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Collection Page HTML Embed work around

I am building a website for a fashion blogger. With each post she needs to include this code:

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This is basically a unique affiliate link customized for each cms blog post that offers links and images to each piece of clothing from the unique blog post.

Initially what I attempted to do was create a collection page for blog posts and add a plain text field where I input the HTML code

Then added an HTML Embed element to the Blog Collection Page template and within the HTML embed settings added the HTML field :

the issue im running into is that the HTML rendered is being escaped on publish.

it is suposed to export like this

In a post by @JacobPlumb @nate gave a script solution Dynamically inserting a collection-page specific HTML Embed that I cant seem to get to function . I have outlined the script below and am looking for a work around or a solution so that I can embed a unique HTML code into each unique post within the cms system

!-- Start script -->

// Function that unespaces HTML
function htmlDecode(input){
var e = document.createElement(‘div’);
e.innerHTML = input;
return e.childNodes.length === 0 ? “” : e.childNodes[0].nodeValue;

// Store value of html into variable
var code = $(".code-embed").html();

// Store unescaped value into new variable
var formattedCode = htmlDecode(code);

// Place new value back into the embed

But it was unsuccessful in rendering the HTML from the collection

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