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Embed into Blog Posts (CMS)

Is it not possible to embed custom code into a blog post?

I can get it working on an individual page made in the designer but not through the CMS…

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I’m really confused why you can’t embed and edit head and body code for individual pages within a collection.

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Hi, @funkedelic_bob

What code you are trying to embed into the blog post?

Hi @sabanna

The header code is this:
<script src="//" data-sumo-site-id="4db862a6c7a25970dc61827bbbb9ef1bf803e793fb1af22c74f10e79680ba423" async="async"></script>

The code I want to put in an individual collection blog post is:
<a data-sumome-listbuilder-id="232e440f-6764-437a-8b82-47912a889d58">Click Here</a>


Any code snippet, that you will add to the template page will appear on all dynamic pages from that collection.

You can try to manage this custom link appearance by adding switch field in the item structure and using Condition visibility settings.

Yeah that’s exactly the problem. I don’t want to apply it to the template and reflect across all the blog posts in the collection. I want to apply the code to a specific post within the collection.

Are you implying that I may be able to show and hide this code with conditional visibility settings so it’ll only appear on a specific post within the collection?

Why do you suppose they don’t allow embedding in specific pages within a collection? This seems so obvious to me… but maybe I have an odd use case?


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