Collection Naming & SEO Juice: Blog vs Post vs Other Collection Name

Does Google & other search engines give extra SEO / ranking juice to posts that use the “BLOG” or “POST” category in the URL? I know there are 1000’s of other category names out there - but do pages containing the words “Blog” or “Post” in the URL get ranked higher? For example - (or)

vs. (or)

If the words Blog and Post rank higher, obviously I want to use those, but I’d rather use a different collection name than “blog” or “post”.


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I have never seen evidence to suggest this is true, unless you were trying to rank for modifier + “blog”, and that was in the old days. External anchor text would have more weight as long as it was organic and not Manipulation. Rest easy and choose what would make the most sense to your users.


Thank you! That helps tremendously!