Streaming live at 10am (PST) or Or both?

I’ve noticed there is a split between the use of “Blog” and “Posts”.

I understand that a Blog is basically a collection of posts - but how should you name your blog page (url)?

Should it be:

I like the look of “posts” - but want to make sure I stay in proper guidelines when creating a blog. So, that being said… for proper SEO, should the URL end in “blog” or “posts”.


Hey @FSUAlum98 ,

i would prefer “blog”, because it is clearer for the user that all pages coming to “…/blog/…” belong there.
Only “posts” seems very generic and unspecific for the user.

Maybe sometime in the future it will be possible to add a folder Slug for Collection Pages, so that you can use “…blog/posts/your-blog-post”.

And never forget, SEO is not everything, but everything that does for the user is good for SEO. :slight_smile:

Best regards



Thank you for your reply!

Will go w/ “Blog”.

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You’re welcome @FSUAlum98 :slight_smile: