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Seo cms collection name

Does anyone know if a cms collection name has any bearing on the seo of a site? If so what evidence is there that this does make a difference to either enhance or penalise a site.

I think the url will matter to some degree just based on normal SEO practices. But other than that…I’m not sure why it would matter.

Did you run into something specific?

Thanks, no specific issue at moment just wondering if i should rebuild the cms again to get a more specific collection url before the site gets to large to make it practical to do so.

This is important for site structure:

Related Wishlist :: Ability to rename Collection slugs

Thank you, I will have a good read, looks like I need to redo my collections:(

REDO = Broken links (Remember this issue). If Google already indexes your site. (301). If you write “blog” VS “articles” VS “my-blog” and so on the effect will be minimal (And URL slug in general is only one parameter - this wont boost your site).

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Good point, thanks for pointing that out. Perhaps I will stick with what I have already in place

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