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Collection list wrapper

Hello everybody

I have one problem and don’t know how to resolve.

I made a collection list wrapper with my list of my dance Classes where I teach called SEDIS CMS.

In each of the name of the city I add a button which eveytime I click will pop out an other collection list called CORSIS CMS (which should describe the time table of the dance class for each city)

THE PROBLEM IS THAT ANY BUTTON ON THE COLLECTION LIST “CLASSES” I CLICK WILL APPEAR ALWAYS THE SAME COLLECTION LIST CORSIS but I would like some filter that recognize the different button that I click on the collection list SEDIS so that for each city will appear the time table only for that city

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I would actually set up your CMS differently altogether!

  • Have one CMS collection called “Classes”
  • Have each city as a separate CMS item
  • The content of each CMS item should then be the different class types/times applicable for this particular city

I believe this would make much more sense. Also, I’d move away from having the dates/times shown as a popup and would show them as separate CMS collection pages instead. Check out these articles regarding issues with popups on the web: and

Have a great Xmas!