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Popup box and problem in the width on my home page

Hello Everybody

I have 2 problems on my website

  1. I would like to create a pop up box which show to my clients the timetable of each dance class situated in a different city…(you find that already in the home page)
    Problem is that he show me the same box for each city but I would like different box when I click in the city.

  2. In the home page the width is still going a little bit over how can I put to auto ???

here is the link on my website

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Sorry, can’t understand your issues - can you please elaborate more, or attach A couple of screenshots or video? :slight_smile:

I attached the screenshot

1st screenshot will show the grey space to the right which I don’t know why is there

2nd will show you the box that appear every time I click to the text box “CORSI E ORARI” but at the moment the box that appear is the same and I would like different box for a different text box that I will click

Thanks for the help



What make the small window (“roar station”) to pop up? us it custom code? interaction? or link?

It is an interaction box
The box of each cities there are a CSM So they are all connect with the same code so for this when I do the interaction with the first text box he make the same box in each CSM one

Hope is is clear


I’m guessing you want another page/popup to show classes in a certain city when selected.
I believe you can do this with another cms (ClassesCity) and then it will show all classes within the cities entered into the cms. Use your cms template to set up the new page of “current classescity” after selecting.

hi Thank you verymuch for the help
one question ???
The page that popup after selecting the city do i have to create a page for every city or can i just create one page and after the same one connect to classescity CMS ???


I made an other Cms Called classes where there are inside different classes with time schedule field.

This CMS is referenced to the cities CMS and also trainers CMS.

I add the collection list to the DIV block that pop up at the moment that I click to the collection list (cities)

The problem is that any COllection list (cities) I click it will pop up always all the collection list (classes) and I just want that show the class of that city

I will attach a video that will explain you what I mean

(Attachment is missing)

On your city template page, you have to filter out all the rest of the stuff. Div/cms/ source = city then use the filter thing in the tools area and look for “city is Current city”