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Dropdown list with CMS project list SOS

Hello! I am designing my first website and so far I am very excited and happy with the results. BUT one little nightmare that I have is not being able to get my way around is with CMS cascade projects. I designed one layout and then used the CMS link to create a list of products. Now, below each product is a list of product descriptions that I want to keep hidden unless you click the project. I created an animation to drop down this list when you click the project but since they all have the same class (FROM THE CMS) all products description drop-down open at the same time when you click any of them. It’s a total mess. How can I fix this? :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Blanca_Soto
This will be a little hard to explain without seeing the way you have it structured but I’m gonna write up something that would make sense for me at least.

Collection List Wrapper
Collection List
Collection Item
Part that you want to be visible **
Part that you want to be visible only on click

I’m guessing that you attached some animation to the “Part that you want to be visible” and that there is the issue. You are probably triggering that animation on all elements with the same class, you just need to set it up to work in your case. That means updating the animation to be either done only on childrenwith that class or only to siblings with that class ( this is dependent on the way you structured it, if you share a preview link I can give you a more specific guidance) Here’s an image of where you can change that, on the bottom you will se that option to be selected.

Let me know if this helps, cheers

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[quote=“Incognito_Agency, post:2, topic:175451”]
if you share a preview link

Hi, @Incognito_Agency thank you so much for your help! I am sharing my link so that you can see how I have it structured.
I find it a little hard to make the changes individually for the project since they share the same CMS collection and it affects all changes in all of them simultaneously.