Collection list search not showing all results due to pagination

Hello Webflow community,

I have a Webflow collection list that displays a large number of discounts for businesses in a collection called “offers.” We hit the cap of 100 and had to activate pagination. To search through all this information, we have a search filter above that used a collection called “tags” which allows website visitors to filter using the “tags” to access the “offers” that they want to.

However, since activating pagination, I see that the “tags” filters only apply to the page you’re on, so to find the offer you want, you’d have to click through both pages and see which one has the offer you’re looking for.

This is an awful user experience.

  1. What suggestions do people have on how we can configure “tags” so that it can turn up results for “offers” including both pages?
  2. Or is the content on Page 2 fixed and this is not possible in Webflow?

Here are the pages in question. page 1
page 2

It’s very counterintuitive as a user to think of our filters as applying to each page rather than the entire collection of “offers.”

Any help here?

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Hi Jonathan,

When I build this for clients, I’m aiming for performance and lightweight code, so one common approach is to use multiple collection lists that are ranged, e.g. 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, and then merge them together using script. This is fast and avoids any external libraries.

However Finsweet Load More is the popular no-code way to resolve this, as it essentially allows you to de-paginate a list using script and multiple requests ( plus caching ).