All the items are now showing (100 limit)

Hello! First time help-seeker here.

We just finish adding all the 400 list items to our collection list. Everything working fine, but we just found out that our first created items are now showing on the site. But these items are added correctly to the list…

After some investigation we found it only show 100 items pr category. How can i display all the categories that i want to?

We are on a business plan, but have not uploaded the site to a domain yet, can that be the problem?

Collection lists are limited to 100 items.
You can enable pagination on them, which lets the user click to see the next 100 items in that list, etc.

If you are doing something more complex, where you need all of the items on the page, and or are doing dynamic filtering or sorting, look at Finsweet’s CMS Load.