Collection filters AND vs. OR conundrum


I am building a filter for a ‘related content’ style Collection List inside a CMS Collection Page.

I am trying to apply multiple filters under ‘Filters’ (which itself is under ‘Collection list settings’ inside ‘Element Settings’ on the right), since I have multiple ‘Multi-reference’ fields for this Collection.

I want the content in this filtered Collection List to pull data its filters based on the parameters of the 'current Collection item"

I have come to realise that there is no way to do “OR” filtering – it is only “AND”.

What do I mean by this? If I apply, for example, two filters:

  1. ‘Related People’
  2. ‘Related Source’

It will only give me results that have both the ‘Any related People of Current item’ AND ‘Any related Source of Current item’.

I would actually like to pull content from EITHER ‘Any related People of Current item’ OR ‘Any related Source of Current item’

Is anyone familiar with a work around or hack?

Thanks in advance,

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You could do a separate collection list for each set of results, and then merge them using CMS Combine.