Applying Multiple Filters to Collection

Hey Everyone, so I’m trying to filter a Blog Collection down to a single item by applying more than one Filter of a CMS attribute, but Webflow’s default only allows for one. Does anyone have a workaround to this?

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Hello :slight_smile:

You can have more than one filter per collection item - as long as its not filtering the same field. For example: you cannot have 2 ‘Name - Equals - Value’ BUT you can have 1 ‘Name - Equals - Value’ and 1 ‘Name - Does Not Equal - Value’. There is also the option to limit items to show 1.

Please share your read-only link if this doesn’t make sense so that I may show you. :slight_smile:

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:man_facepalming: I can’t believe I didn’t realize this. I simply kept reading the message that said it would replace my filter since it defaulted to the first one that I used. Thank you so much Nicole!

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Thank you.
I was looking for the same thing.

A possible solution might be this dynamic filter ( Every searchable item is a Webflow CMS item. Every visual aspect (including states) can be modified native within the Webflow designer. :sparkles: We designed it as a cloneable component with a little video tutorial to implement it – should take you around 15 minutes to get started.

For us from having this component definitely was a game changer, because we often get the customer request to allow the user to search, order and filter through different CMS items.

We found this was the best possible way to do it within Webflow. There is another guy who built an awesome solution – but it’s something like 30$ a month, which seemed too much for us, keeping also the 16$ Webflow fee in mind.

Filter Vid