Collapsible Columns

Hello everybody,

I am new here and full of questions! But one in particular. At the moment I am trying to replicate a website like this:
I like the simplicity of it, its made with Kirby which I am not able to work with, due to a lack of skills. In my research, I found then webflow which I really like and its intuitive. But one I can’t really figure out. On the website above the menu (aka. columns) are collapsible and I can’t figure out how I could possibly do this with Webflow. I found already the animation of an accordion, maybe that is the right direction but I wouldn’t know how to apply this.
This is what I have so far.
Thank you for your support.

Perhaps I found my own answer already and I could work wit div blocks?

I made a lot of progress and think I found a solution with a mixture of a sidebar and tab menus. But I have one major issue now when I open a tab I can’t scroll down my tab content. Any help greatly appreciated and now I also figured out how to share an actual read-only link!