Accordion menu with tabs in a stickybox

Greetings! I’m first week into using webflow and I’m up to something that I don’t even know is possible to build. So let me first clarify the problem:

I’m trying to build an accordion menu (that is simple) with tabs in it (that appears simple too) in a sticky side box (simple, right?) that is always on the screen and has some shadow in order to separate it from the main content.

So my current problems are:

  1. The tabs menu isn’t separable. I can’t just place tabs content in another div so the contect appear inside of this div so I can switch tabs inside the stickybox and view it in the main content section

  2. In my accordion menu, I thought that having interlinked tabs would be nice, so that tab that located one slider of accordion menu can be continued by the tabs in the other one, displaying content in the area designed for that

Is it possible to solve that, and if it is, can I do it without code?

Sorry for my sloppy web-design in the applied preview, hope it can be understood