Collapse open dropdown menu on scroll (and click)

Hi all,

I have this drop-down menu that appears one-by-one. It open and closes on click and works fine like this. However, I really want it to collapse (preferably in the same way, but not necessarily) when the page is scrolled up or down. Like this example where the ‘filter-menu’ (lower right corner) disappear on scroll:

Here is a link to my page with the drop down in upper left corner: Webflow - fadein

I thought it would be an easy fix but I really can’t get it to work.
All help is appreciated!


…maybe there is a way with custom code? Or optimally apply a condition that says: when menu is open, trigger this interaction?

Just a last cry for help on this :arrow_up:
I really picture an easy fix on this and have scrolled through ‘similar’ to find an answer or a workaround. As said, all help is appreciated!

@cyberdave @vincent maybe?