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How to make one of the dropdowns open on page load

Hi design folks,

I’ve cloned this accordion build and trying to convert it into a menu.

Here is the preview link.

To make it work as a menu instead of just an accordion, I need to find a way to keep one of the dropdowns open on page load.

If this clone is not the right way to build an accordion menu can anyone please point me to the right project. I’ve watched almost every accordion tutorials out there but they all are just acoordions so does not function like a menu.

Can anyone please help me out here! Thx a lot!

Anyone please? Can’t help but thinking this should be a very simple trick.

Again seeking help and none of the existing posts work for me.

You try this idea?


Copy Paste before body (After jquery loaded).

I test - looks like this solution not working anymore (Webflow change the dropdown code).

yes I did try this and I’m not sure if it’s because how I implemented the code.

Should it be targeting the whole dropdown? or the trigger? or the item list? Where should I paste the code?

Either way I tried many combinations and it doesn’t work. Thanks again for looking into it though!

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Has there been any updates on this? I’m still experiencing the same thing. The code by Samliew works fine on inspector, tablet and mobile views but doesn’t behave the same on a normal desktop window.

@SuperLalapenn @samliew @Waldo

Has someone found the solution?

I want to add the following design to this discussion:

From my perspective, this is a solution many people are looking for in multiple threads here.
Bonus: New update the day before which features automatic scroll for better UX.
Of course this can be disabled.

If you need an accordion in Webflow, I think this is a great design which features useful extra options when needed.

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