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Coding languages

What custom coding, along with JavaScript, is Webflow able to support/render?

Curious George.


The jQuery library and vanilla javascript. And you add other libraries as well. Pretty much everything on the client side. Server side languages is not possible to add though.

If this does not help please elaborate on what you want to accomplish or do.


Hi @jorn,
Thanks for the response.

I researching (building an app) and was gauging the possibility of hosting on webflow.

Ok, I’ve seen a number of projects using Webflow for their web apps. It is primary javascript, different JS libraries or other applications like Google Firebase. I’m not a developer though :grinning:

Aha… Ok.

Is it possible to share the links of some of these Projects that you’ve seen (so I can enquire with the developers)?

I’ll try to find some for you.

If a developer know his way around Javascript there isn’t actually that many limitations in compared to make your own html template and adding javascript functionality. You can add code site wide in the header or before /body in the settings for the project. You a can code to a single page inside the designer. You can add code embeds. You can add custom attributes to div blocks. You can play with the available API: And I as a said use ready made functionality like Firebase.

Thanks for this @jorn, I appreciate it!

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