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Code needed to toggle background video sound

Looking to duplicate this on/off background sound effect I am partially there but my time is better spent elsewhere than trying to figure out code I partially understand. I want to have the user be able to control the volume mute with a click of a sound icon button. But I also need it to effect just the background video element so that I can have other video elements not be effected by it. I also need it to work within webflow as I am working with the CMS

here is the share site

I want to be able to duplicate this effect for other sites as well so I am willing to pay for a solution I can use over and over again. A key would be to be able to understand how it works.

upon further research it seems like cycle-js is not working with the the other script for mute

thank you

free code! :smiley:


	$("#sound").on('click', function (){
		if( $("video").prop('muted') ) {
		      $("video").prop('muted', false);
		} else {
		  $("video").prop('muted', true);


found it here:,output

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please send payment in the form of LEGO gifs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks @PixelGeek I was using that code. But missing the #sound id thanks will give it a try

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