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Enabling Sound on background video

Hi all,

I am trying get my background video to play with the allocated sound (I know this is not advisable, but I have reduced rather well.) It’s mostly ambient and goes with my brand.

My site:

I discovered this code in one of the closed threads from 2016 and seems to have worked for the asker:


I have embedded the code in the Before tag section of that particular page (Tsoku Maela | main Page) but still no sound. Do I need to upload the sound separately somewhere else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.


Hey Jay,
Welcome to the community :smiley:

The code you have here is a code for a button with the id of sound, when clicked mutes/un-mutes the video. There must be a button that comes with this code.

Hey Avivtech,

Thank you so much for your response.

The code came from this site:,output

I do not see a button included on that (except the output being the toggle sound button).

Do you think I could create a button on Webflow and embed a similar code?

Sorry, very new to all of this.


The ‘Toggle Mute’ button is what I am talking about.

Anyway, does the button works for you in the link that you shared? (in the jsbin) because for me it doesn’t :confused: so this code might not be the best solution.