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Code documentation for components

our company is planning to use Webflow for future projects.
Is there a documentation for all the compontents and their variants like there is one for Foundation or Bootstrap in case you as a developer want to edit exported code quickly or add some new components without asking your designer every time?

Thanks in advance.

Components in Weblows’s lingo is refering to a kind of elements you can bring to your pages using the Add menu.

If yes, are you asking for a doc that would describe how those components appear in the HTML code? Like for a slider, look for class="w-slide" elements?

And to refer to your example are there other classes which I can add to the slider for changing its behavior? Things you find in the docs I’ve mentioned. I hope you know what I mean.

I was just playing with the example. Changed a few things in WF for the slider and got custom attributes added to the element almost each time.

Started with this:

<div data-animation="slide" class="w-slider" data-duration="500" data-infinite="1">

And after fiddling with the slider options, had a bunch more attributes:

<div data-animation="outin" data-duration="800" data-infinite="1" data-easing="ease-in-out-quad" data-disable-swipe="1" data-delay="4000" data-autoplay="1" data-autoplay-limit="5" data-hide-arrows="1">

I’ve never seen such a documentation sorry, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to produce given the limited number of components available.

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.
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Ok. Thanks.
Looks like I have to write my own doc :wink:

…which will put you in the wonderful position of being able to share back to the community! :wink: