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Where can I find tech specs / infos for my developers?

hello there,

maybe this sounds like a noob question to u guys but this is how I need help:

the scenario is, that Im more of a designer then a developer, so in our company I started doing the designwork for some smaler easy to do websites working with webflow since few weeks only.
my knowledge programming wise, librarys etc is kinda low, just some basics.

we now want to implement the code I export into our servers.
I am specificaly looking for tech specs, what is webflow exported code come with,
what is it “based on”, since our devs are for example wondering why
webflow does use underscore library, and if thats something we have to work with.

How far is webflow itself implemented within the code etc …

I know this sounds maybe noobish, but I hope u guys do understand what Im looking for !?

Send an email to support directly for this one. They’ll be able to answer better being on the inside.

You forgot to mention how?

If it’s just static hosting without modifications, any basic hosting will work out of the box.

Exported code from Webflow is quite simple and straightforward, such that any developer who don’t understand how the different parts work together isn’t a ‘real’ developer.

hey there are “real devs” :wink:

its just that I suggested using webflow instead of them programming everything by hand.
I showed them the code and they were wondering why underscore library is needed.

I just me with my basic knowlegde trying to find out now whats that about without them having to care about this.
so its me trying to convince that webflow is a good solution to work with.

The simple explanation is underscorejs is a library providing utility functions. How it is used in Webflow however is not clearly known as Webflow’s code is minified and obfuscated.

For a list of functions it provides, take a look at

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