CMS video link issue

Hi everyone,
I’m using a CMS for my video portfolio page. All videos are hosted at vimeo. The streaming links provided by vimeo (and pasted in the cms field) contain

…{video id}.mp4?loc=external&signature=…

Webflow seems to add “amp;” behind the “&”.

Vimeo does not accept any changes to the links provided and returns an error 403.

How can I avoid that? Does anyone else have the same issue?

It sounds like you’re using a standard text field to store a partial URL? If that’s correct, Webflow will HTML encode it when you use that value in your page. Encoding converts e.g. & to an & entity. I can’t suggest the best approach without seeing your readonly link, but here are two options;

  • Use a Link field, and store the entire URL in the CMS. On embedding that in your HTML Embed, that should not be encoded.
  • Use a Text field but store only the Video ID, nothing else. It should not require any encoding because it likely won’t have any encodeable characters. Embed that in the Video ID portion of your HTML Embedded widget.
  • Write some script to HTML Decode your content and assemble your inline code chunk.

I typically use this to handle all of that nuttiness for me, but maybe you have a compelling reason not to…

Yes, actually, I almost never use that, because it doesn’t allow for any player customization or responsive control. I find it funny though that I didn’t even think to ask why he’s not using it. Excellent question.