CMS Video Link Field: Importing Video URL via CSV or Nobull App not functioning correctly


I am importing a list of YouTube video URLs with the Nobull-Airtable app, but I am experiencing an error. The video URLs are successfully imported into the ‘Video Link’ CMS field, however Webflow does not recognize the URLs as YouTube videos unless I cut/paste the link back into the same field manually.

After searching in the forums, it looks like this bug was previously been reported back in 2018, 2019, and 2021, but I could have sworn that I did this successfully a couple weeks ago with no trouble. Is it possible that the bug was re-introduced with the recent update?

Previous bug reports:

Public share link on request

Edit: Reason for behavior as described by a user:

Yeah, the reason the videos don’t work is because the embed codes are only generated by the CMS editor (not the API).