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Youtube link from CSV import into CMS not showing on site

Hi all!

I seem to have run into a problem when adding a Youtube link to my CMS using the CSV import. When I upload a CSV with a link to a Youtube video, the video doesn’t show on the frontend of my site.

The work around I have at the moment is to remove the link and repaste. When I repaste it the preview of the video then shows up in the CMS, where as before there is no preview.

The work around is good for now, but as I add more videos this will be really painful to have to do each time. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Link below:

Example of my website with working and non-working Youtube links:
(working links are the ones I’ve copied and repasted as described above)

Directly after CSV import into CMS (video doesn’t show):

After copy and repaste into CMS (video now shows up):

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Hi, @MrWorldwide

Hmm, this does sound like odd behavior, and I was able to replicate this issue in a separate project as well.

Importing a CSV into a Collection should accept the provided URLs, though this looks to be a known bug.

I have gone ahead and reached out to our engineers so that they may take a look for us to provide a fix.

Until then, the best workaround at the moment is to open up each collection item manually after they are in the data manager or CMS and then click into each video, press spacebar and then backspace, then click away, and the video pulls in.

This is absolutely not ideal, and a huge pain with a large number of imported video links.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and I’ll be happy to let you know of the fix as soon as possible :bowing_man:

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Appreciate your response! That work around is slightly easier than what I was doing so thanks for that. Happy I can help with bug reporting


You’re a lifesaver. Thanks for posting the temporary workaround. This was frustrating the hell outta me trying to figure out why my video links in CMS weren’t displaying.

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