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CMS Thumbnail of various sizes

Hi everyone,

I’m new to webflow CMS and been following around some posts to customize my CMS blog post thumbnails.

Here is a link to the test site with code embed in Head and Footer section in the project settings along with an HTML Embed element within collection item. The console returned no errors when I inspected the published site but the images are just not showing…

I’d greatly appreciate it if someone with experience in this department can help out and I’m open to paying for your time. Hit me up directly if you’re more interested in providing help in a more official capacity.

What is it that you are trying to make? Because as I see it at the moment your doing things that are not needed.
Please explain which end result you would like to have.

Hi Yatsuba,
Thank you for responding to my post.
I’d like to be able to specify the columns each thumbnail to span in the gird. Visually, looks like this basically:

but from what i understand, i can’t achieve this with CMS collection items without custom code embed. I’m happy to hear that I’m wrong and there’s way simpler solution to this.

Any news on how you solved this @monkbysea?