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CMS slider with auto-play

Hello everyone,

So I need help with the following:

At the moment I am making a new website for my parents law firm.

Their old website is just terrible. I am redesigning almost the entire website, but there is one thing that I want to copy. And that is the testimonial slider that auto-play’s.

The problem is, that my parents have over 100 testimonials, so I figured I wanted to do it using CMS.

I have tried using a slider, but therefor I would have to make over 100 different slides and connect each of them to the CMS.

I have also tried using pagination and making a custom slider, but then I am not able to make it auto-play. And also, when using pagination the page refreshes each time I click on next.

So I think, using the available tools from webflow, is not going to work. Therefore I am trying to recreate the html code of my parents old website (using chrome inspector). But I am not skilled enough to figure it out.

I would be amazing if someone could help me make this a reality.

Many thanks in advance!

My parents old website (the slider in on the homepage):

Anyway this is bad idea/UI to use slider for 100 slides (To much).

Nice UI solution: Google search for example show 8-9 slides and the last slide content is big button “see all” (Go to pagelist).

CMS Solution by custom code (1-2 min to implement):

I tend to agree with Siton here. People will never sit and read through 100 plus slides. I suggest maybe having two areas, one with a small slider showing a few and another “blog” section with all the rest. It will be a lot easier to maintain and update. You can have the blogs show different random testimonials too. This way people don’t keep seeing the same ones over and over.

One other thing, this webflow thing is a blank canvas, so to speak, so think outside the box of the old website and create your own vision. In fact, create three or five and let the firm decide.

Wow, thank you all so much for the advice.

Never wrote anything on a forum in my life and I am pleasantly surprised with how fast I got a response.

TheCat, I never thought about it that way. It is indeed weird to think that someone would sit down and scroll through all 100 slides.

Something else is, that I did redesign the whole site.

The only thing that is the same is the information and the logo.

I could post a link to it, but I am not a designer and it’s my first time building a site on webflow, so it might me a little to cringy. (but it is definitely better than the older site)

Again, thanks for your answers!