CMS- Random sorting- cant get it to work

hi! i am trying to do a dynamic sorting for my projects on my homepage, and also for the related projects list when you are inside each project. I found this post saying how to do it…but i can’t get it to work. any ideas? thanks!

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Hi Ignacio,

By “dynamic”, you mean random?

Webflow already has a random sorting feature, you just choose it under collection list sorting options.

If you want something that randomizes on every page refresh, you can use Sygnal Attributes to keep it nocode.

I haven’t looked closely at your code, but I can immediately see that it’s in an HTML Embed rather than in your page before /body custom code area, which means that jquery likely is not loaded yet. You’re also not using jquery’s DOM onready event which means even if jquery is loaded, it may not be ready for DOM manipulations.