CMS Published date - Why is it updated?

Hey guys I’m having a hard time understanding how these dates are generated for CMS items:
Published and modified (updated).

Sorting by created date doesn’t work for me since old drafts aren’t posted first. I thought published date would be the best choice. However, published date isn’t the first publish time and it is modified for some reason. At first I thought it was modified with each update but then i realized that some posts have different updated and published dates. So, I don’t know the algorithm behind it but shouldn’t Published date be like the create date, generated only the first time a post was published?



I agree.

There definitely need to be a ‘First Published’ date that never changes after items are first published (except possibly if an item is saved as a draft and then later re-published) but it should not change if an item is updated without being made a draft.

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