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CMS not working?

Is the CMS not working at this moment?

i can’t login with /?edit anyone welke also?
Or is there an update with Chrome?


Hello @Koen!

Thanks for reaching out, and this certainly seems like strange behavior with the Editor.

It looks like we’re receiving a few tickets on this issue, and our developers and engineers are currently investigating. I definitely understand that this is a major inconvenience, and we’re working on a solution immediately.

I’ll keep you updated here in this thread as our developers investigate the cause and ship a solution.

My Best,


P.S. In the meantime, please let me know if you have other questions – I’m here to help!

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A client alerted me to this earlier this morning. Can’t log in with /?edit on any of the sites I manage.

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Thanks for the fast response!

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Thanks @Yogesh_Simpson for your response!

We’re currently investigating the cause and working on a solution. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated here in this thread! Thank you @Koen as well for posting this!

Thank you same here. Big problem for us as we are launching a new client site today.


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Same issue here. Glad you’re all working on it.

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@Koen @Yogesh_Simpson @pixelsock @AlLewis Can you try again now? It should be working, but please let us know if you’re still seeing issues. Thank you for your patience!


It’s working for me. Thanks @Koen for the quick response!


It seems to be working again…thanks !


Nice! seems to be working now for me too. Thanks for the quick fix!


@callmevlad It’s working for me now. Thank you!


Great Vlad, its working for me here! Many thanks for the quick response!

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@Andrew My client is now mentioning that he can’t log in at all to his editor. The edit/login stays for a few seconds then vanishes back to the original website. I’ve tried logging in with another testing email/login and I get the same issue.

Is this a recurring issue…or another issue entirely? Can you please check

He noted that the break in the editor happened around 2:15 PM EST.

Hello @n3tworth!

It looks like the link is working for me, but I’m happy to investigate this for you!

Could you republish your site and visit the link while in Incognito Mode? This will make sure your extensions and browser settings aren’t causing an issue.

Here’s how it looks for me!

Sorry I’m getting back to you so late.

This started to work an hour after I reached out for help. I don’t recall doing anything different. I’m glad it’s up and running again but now I’m unsure of what might have triggered the disfunction :thinking:

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