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Cannot access editor

Hi there, I just received a message from a client saying they couldn’t access the editor. I tried and I was also unable to get the login to pop up. I recently transferred this project to the client. I have 6 other projects on my account with CMS hosting. I checked them all and the editor login is broken on all of them. Here’s just one of them. I’ve seen this problem solved in previous topics by making the www.domain the default or deleting problematic custom code. I’ve tried these solutions to no avail. I’ve checked to make sure Chrome is allowing cookies, I’ve tried other browsers. Please help ASAP.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m in the same situation. One of my clients just contacted me for assistance with the editor not working. I tried a couple of our other websites, and the editor will not open. It just goes directly to the proper website. No login panel or tool bar. Any information or a status update on would be great.

confirmed fixed here on this thread: